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Cyndy is both teacher and student; specializing in teaching what she has learned and received from spirit in Tarot, Meditation, Numerology, & Spirit Communications.

She began metaphysical and religious studies in 1982 and continues her studies today because the more you know, the more you grow!

Cyndy believes we are all intuitive and can communicate with spirit -

- it is a natural state we all possess .

All beings, through study and practice, can take down the walls that separate us from knowingness and guidance.

Cyndy's Thoughts on Readings ....

Readings are a way to check your energies and the universes energies and see how they are working together. Sometimes we are in open growing energies, other times, in pulling in retracting energies. Readings let you know what to expect in your life. Kind of like a weather report.  There is not one reader for everybody, but there is a reader for you. Seek, search, pray and look until you find the perfect reader for you.  

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